The “Picasse Project”

Being able to access, on line, the birth, marriage and death records of the Bay St. George region has been a tremendous help in my research. Many thanks to all those people who tracked down and transcribed the data.

I have only just started to research my family history and I would like to share the information that I have gathered so far. I am hoping that by sharing this information, other family researchers might be willing to share their findings.

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Other names that I am researching are;

LeJeune, Boutilier, Curnew, Cornu, Carneau, Corneau, Marshe/Marche and Webb/King

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Stephenville Crossing, NL, Canada

The Town of Stephenville Crossing is located in Canada on the West coast of the Island of Newfoundland. For those of us who have lived there as well as for those who still live there, the community is affectionately known as “the Crossing” or “the Xing”.

The Crossing (A work in progress).




The French Connection

Germain DOUCET dit Laverdure, native of Couperans-in-Brie, France, arrived in Acadia in 1632 with Commander Isaac de Razilly and Charles de Menou d’Aulnay. In 1645, Germain DOUCET dit Laverdure became the commander of the garrison at Port Royal.

Pierre LeJeune dit Briard arrived in Acadia sometime during the first half of the 17th century. Since two of Pierre’s sisters, Edmee and Catherine, married in Acadia, they most likely arrived with their parents. It is interesting that Pierre LeJeune dit Briard was also a native of Couperans-in-Brie, France. In about 1650, Pierre LeJeune dit Briard married a “girl” Doucet, who is believed to be the daughter of Germain DOUCET dit Laverdure.

“Note also, that the nickname Briard means originally from Brie, whence Germain Doucet supposedly also came, and that both Pierre Lejeune dit Briard Junior and Martin Lejeune had sons named Germain.”

Explanatory Note by; Stephen A. White

I am a descendant of Pierre LeJeune dit Briard, one of the original settlers at the Acadian settlement Port Royal in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Family Stories

As a result of a significant amount of research, I was able to piece together a number of stories that reflect what likely happened those many years ago in the lives of my ancestors.

The Story of Joseph and Martine

John Young and Catherine Boutilier

Webb Families of Nova Scotia

The Picasse

In Search of Flehaven Young

The Cape St. George Connection

Stories, My Father Told ………


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