George & Susanna
George Stone (1882-1954) and Susannah Bailey (1886-1976)


The English Connection


In the late 18th century, Thomas Stone was an agent for the family business of Benjamin Lester of Trinity, Newfoundland, Canada. Although there is no suggestion of when Thomas first arrived in Newfoundland, the Lester family had been active in the Newfoundland trade since around 1750. It has been suggested that when Benjamin Lester returned to England in 1770, Thomas Stone was left in charge of the Lester business.

Thomas Stone and his wife, Grace Ashford returned to England each winter and in the Fall of 1791, they retired to England.


“On October 1st, 1794, Henry Stone of the Parish of Pinhoe in the County of Devon in Great Britain married Mary Hogarth, the  Daughter of Isaac and Dorothy Hogarth of Bonaventure (later to be renamed Old Bonaventure).”

Source: St Paul’s Marriages 1780 – 1808,Trinity,Trinity Bay District


In 1800-1801, Henry Stone, aged 32 and Mary Hogarth, aged 26 are living in Old Bonaventure with their 2 children Grace, aged 3 and Thomas, aged 1.

Source: Fishing Rooms,  Return of the Number of Houses, Inhabitants, etc.1800-1801 for Old Bonaventure


Although not clearly documented, it is reasonable to conclude that this Henry Stone was the son of Thomas Stone and Grace Ashford.

The family name Stone was not common in the area of Trinity at that time.

Thomas Stone was from the County of Devon in Great Britain and passed at the Parish of Great Canford in England in July, 1820.

St. Paul’s church records indicate that Henry Stone who married Mary Hogarth was from “the Parish of Pinhoe in the County of Devon in Great Britain”.

The first child of Henry Stone and Mary Hogarth was named Grace, who died shortly after her birth. A second daughter was born the next year and was also named Grace.

The third child of Henry Stone and Mary Hogarth was male and was named Thomas.

This Stone family of Random Island is part of the very rich history of the Stone family of Trinity Bay, NL.

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