Sunday, August 4, 2019

Thursday – We departed Pubnico in fog at 10:00. As we departed, we chatted with a seaweed harvester, who was transporting a full load.


A full load.

A summer job.

It was 13:00 before we could clear the coast, which has many reefs, rocks awash and significant tidal currents.  Once outside, we set a course for Rockland, Maine, an overnighter.

By afternoon, we were able to see blue sky, but at the surface the advection fog continued for most of the passage.

Sunset in the Gulf of Maine.

Friday – A calm morning allowed us to add 20 liters of diesel to the on board tank. After 27 long hours, we arrived in Rockland, Maine at 13:00, which is now 12:00 Eastern Standard Time.

We tied up at the public dock and spent most of the afternoon wrestling with the new CBP Roam app. The new CBP Roam app can now be used to enter the United States.


Arriving Maine.

Entering Rockland Harbour.

In the evening, we tied up to a mooring and very quickly fell asleep.


Saturday – We dinghied ashore and started our tour of the town.

The annual Maine Lobster Festival was underway on the waterfront and a parade had just started. Our priority was to get a phone and access to the internet.


Maine Lobster Festival

In the evening, a sudden shower interrupted a beer and made for a mad rush back to the boat to close hatches. Needless to say, by the time we got there, the rain had stopped.


After the rain.

Sunday – We are still enjoying Rockland. Boat maintenance and clean-up dominated the day. We re-fueled and prepared for a morning departure. 

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  1. Barry

    Still love to watch your travels and read your blog. Safe sailing

    1. Captain

      Thanks Barry.
      Just arrived in Scituate, Mass. Working on an update.

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