Family History

I started researching my family history in 2002 and I have accumulated a significant amount of information on both the Young family and the Stone family. I would like to share the information that I have gathered so far. I am hoping that by sharing this information, other family researchers might be willing to share their findings.

The Young Family
The Stone Family

Being able to access on line, the birth, marriage and death records of the Bay St. George region has been a tremendous help in my research. Many thanks to all those people who tracked down and transcribed the data.


Check out; My Ancestors


Other names that I am researching are;

LeJeune, Boutilier, Curnew, Cornu, Carneau, Corneau, Marshe/Marche and Webb/King


Related Links;

Bay St. George Genealogical Society is a good source of information on Bay St. George families.

Newfoundland and Labrador GenWeb used to be a good source of information on Newfoundland families, but no more. This site is no longer recommended.


Still available, unrestricted and readily available is Newfoundland’s Grand Banks. This site is a great source of family history information and is recommended.


The Town of Stephenville Crossing is located in Canada on the West coast of the Island of Newfoundland. For those of us who have lived there as well as for those who still live there, the community is affectionately known as “the Crossing” or “the Xing”.


The Crossing (A work in progress).



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