Abraham Stone (1828-bef 1878) and Caroline Reed (abt 1835-1893)


Abraham Stone was born June 9, 1828 in Old Bonaventure, Trinity Bay, NL,  baptized July 20,1828, in Old Bonaventure, Trinity Bay, NL. Abraham was the son of Thomas Henry Stone and Elizabeth “Betty” Bailey.

Source: St. Paul’s Anglian Church, Trinity Bay, NL

This is to certify that Abraham Stone of Old Bonaventure and Caroline Fleet (??) (sic) Reed of Trinity, were married at Old Bonaventure Church building, this twenty-seventh day of April, One thousand eight hundred and fifty-two (1852, in the presence of witnesses, by me,

Thos. M. Wood, Clergyman.

Source: Trinity Bay Marriages, St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Trinity, Newfoundland, April 27, 1852.


Abraham Stone and Caroline Reed had 10 children;

Martin Stone was born November 8, 1854 in Old Bonaventure. Martin married Hannah Hart Long on November 14, 1878 in Christ Church near Ship Cove. Martin died at Lower Lance Cove on February 28, 1905.

Noah “John” Stone was born October 3, 1856 in Old Bonaventure. John married Emily Susanna Frampton. John died at Gin Cove near White Rock on September 25, 1940.

Abraham Stone was born October 24, 1858 in Old Bonaventure. Abraham married Christina Stone on December 6, 1882 at Little Catalina.

William Thomas Stone was born August 3, 1860 in Old Bonaventure. William Thomas married Elizabeth Jane Stone on December 16, 1887 at White Rock, Smith Sound, Trinity Bay, NL.

Elizabeth Ann Stone was born September 27, 1862 in Old Bonaventure. Elizabeth Ann married to Josiah “Joe” Frampton on December 23, 1881. Elizabeth Ann died at Lower Lance Cove on January 27, 1954.

Mary Alice (Ellis) Stone was born October 7, 1864 in Old Bonaventure.

Joanna Stone was born October 18, 1866 in Old Bonaventure. Joanna first married John Sceviour about 1885 and later married Charlie Lopez on December 23, 1894 in Upper Lance Cove (Petley). Joanna died at Gin Cove near White Rock on September 4, 1933.